The Top 5 Things That Cause Plumbing System Failure

Plumbing systems aren’t unbreakable. Several issues can arise, causing the system to fail. This blog explores the top five things that can lead to plumbing problems.

1. Old Age

As your system begins to age, the pipes start showing wear and tear. Over time, galvanized steel pipes tend to lose the zinc galvanized coating on the steel pipes, directly exposing the steel to the water inside the pipes. Once this happens, the steel begins to “borrow” the O2 molecules from the water, and it causes oxidization, more commonly known as rust.

As pipes age, it’s best to consider repiping them.

2. Improper Installation

Because pipes are under constant water pressure, it is important that they are installed correctly. The constant pressure from the water will eventually wear down any weak points in the system and cause a failure.

Using licensed, bonded, and insured contractors with a good reputation can help minimize installation errors.

3. Water Quality

Water is one of the most abrasive substances we use today. Having poor water quality can result in premature pipe failure. All the “stuff” in the water tends to scrape the inside of the pipe as it flows through, weakening the pipe each time the water is used.

Adding a water softener system and/or whole house filtration can help mitigate the issue.

4. Manufacture Defect

Many failures can be due in part to bad or poor materials being used.

It is always best to use name-brand, high-quality parts to minimize the problem.

5. Lack of Maintenance

Not maintaining your system – performing regular flushes, valve operations, pressure checks, and visual inspections – can lead to catastrophic failure of your system. Did you know that one annual inspection with routine maintenance can eliminate emergency service calls by up to 70%?

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