What Can Go Down The Drain?

A drain with a strainer that has caught food in it

Being a homeowner can be stressful. You have a lot on your plate and need to keep up with a lot to ensure your home is well taken care of. So, what if something slips down the drain?

In this blog, we’ll talk about the items you should avoid putting down your drain and what you can do if your pipes become clogged.

What Should You Avoid?

One thing that definitely should not be going down the drain is paper towels. Even if you’re careful and try to use as few paper towels as possible, they will still clog up your pipes. Instead, consider using a cloth rag or reusable kitchen towel instead.

Another thing to avoid putting down the drain is grease from cooking or oil from frying foods. Any excess fats will harden once combined with water and quickly cause a clog. Wipe down your pots and pans with a paper towel after cooking to remove as much grease as possible before washing them. Rinse pots and pans with remaining oil in hot, soapy water to keep oil from solidifying in your pipes.

You should also be careful about what kinds of food scraps you put down the drain. Small pieces of food waste like coffee grounds, eggshells, and pasta can all lead to clogs over time. It’s best to scrape these items into the trash can instead. You can also start a compost pile, which is great for getting rid of food and taking care of the environment.

How To Prevent Items From Going Down Your Drain

When it comes to maintaining a clean and functional home, it is essential that you take steps to keep unwanted items out of your drains. A strainer for your drain is the perfect tool for this job, as it will help to block larger objects like hair, food scraps, and debris from entering your pipes. Not only will this prevent clogs and costly maintenance issues, but it also ensures that you maintain good water pressure by keeping the flow free of unwanted obstacles.

In general, it’s safest to only put water down the drain. This will help keep your pipes clear and prevent any unwanted clogs. If you have any items that need to be disposed of, make sure to do so in a way that won’t damage your plumbing.

How We Can Help

If you find yourself in need of a drain cleaning or with a clogged pipe, know you are not alone. A stubborn clog is one of the most common reasons to seek help from a professional plumber. Our team at Bailey Plumbing Inc. is full of experts ready to tackle any plumbing problem that occurs in your home. Contact us at (408) 752-5195!
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