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When you need expert water heater repair or installation in Morgan Hill, turn to Bailey Plumbing Inc. With over a decade of experience, we are the absolute best when it comes to all things water heaters. We can work on all major makes and models, and we specialize in tankless water heater conversions. 

No matter what you need, Bailey Plumbing Inc. has the solution for you. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we know the importance of value. We will never pressure you to buy things you do not need, and we work hard to help you stay on schedule and on budget, no matter the size or scope of your project.

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Our Extensive Water Heater Services

We all expect our hot water to just be there when we need it. The water heater is one of the most used appliances in the home, and you rely on it every day to do everything from washing your face to washing the dishes. When your water heater goes out, you notice it right away. However, these machines can be complicated, and you need to work with a professional to get them back up and running. At Bailey Plumbing Inc., we have the skill and experience to get the job done.

Bailey Plumbing Inc. keeps your hot water running with a wide range of water heater services, including:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Tankless water heater conversions
  • Water heater safety checks
  • Water heater inspections

Do you have questions about your water heater? Give us a call! Our water heater plumbers in Morgan Hill love chatting with clients, and we can help you troubleshoot your water heater problem today.

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Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Heater

Knowing when it's time to skip the latest repair and install a brand new water can be a difficult decision to make – a new unit is considerably more expensive, but you also have to consider the long-term savings. Not only do repairs tend to get more expensive and frequent the older your water heater is, an aging water heater is far less energy efficient than the newer models. 

When you need Morgan Hill water heater installation, check for these signs to look out for:

  • The cost of repairs is at least half the cost of a new unit
  • Your water heater is showing visible signs of rust
  • Your water heater is leaking around the tank
  • Your water heater is 10-15 years old
  • You're looking to upgrade to a tankless model

It is also worth considering replacement if you are working on a home remodel. Newer appliances, new room configurations, and a change in how you use your home may render your old water heater inadequate. Call Bailey Plumbing Inc. to discuss your remodeling or new construction project. In addition to helping you select and install the perfect water heater for you, we can help with all of your plumbing needs.

How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home

When it comes to selecting a water heater for your home, making the right choice is crucial for your comfort and energy efficiency. With the wide range of options available, it's important to consider several factors before making a decision. At Bailey Plumbing Inc., we understand the importance of finding the perfect water heater for your specific needs. 

Here are some key considerations to help you pick the right water heater for your home:

  • Fuel Type: Determine which fuel type is readily available in your area. Common options include electricity, natural gas, propane, or solar power. Each fuel type has its own advantages and cost considerations, so choose one that aligns with your preferences and local availability.
  • Capacity: Assess your household's hot water demand to determine the appropriate capacity. Consider factors such as the number of family members, bathrooms, and appliances that require hot water. A larger capacity is necessary for larger households, while smaller households may require a more compact water heater.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for water heaters with high energy efficiency ratings. Energy-efficient models not only reduce utility bills but also minimize environmental impact. Check for ENERGY STAR® certification, which indicates exceptional efficiency and performance.
  • Type of Water Heater: There are different types of water heaters available, including storage tank heaters and tankless heaters. Storage tank heaters store and heat water in a tank, while tankless heaters provide hot water on-demand. Consider the pros and cons of each type based on your household's hot water usage patterns and preferences.
  • Installation Space: Evaluate the available space in your home for water heater installation. Determine if you have adequate room for a storage tank or if a tankless water heater would be a more space-saving option.
  • Budget: Set a budget for your water heater purchase, installation, and maintenance costs. Remember to consider both upfront expenses and long-term operating costs to make an informed decision that fits your financial goals.

At Bailey Plumbing Inc., our experienced team is here to assist you in selecting the ideal water heater for your home. We provide professional advice, reliable installation services, and dependable water heater repairs. Trust us to help you make the right choice and ensure your water heater meets your specific needs for years to come. Check out our reviews to learn more about working with our team!

Our Warranties & Guarantees are the Best in the Industry

After you've received your Morgan Hill water heater installation service, you want to make sure you keep it well-maintained. Annual water heater maintenance can help you get the most out of your new appliance and will ensure that it is operating efficiently for years to come. Additionally, well-maintained water heaters cost less over time as they are less likely to require major repairs, and you are more likely to enjoy their full lifespan. Bailey Plumbing Inc. can help you set up a water heater and plumbing maintenance routine today. Make sure to check out our warranties as well!

You don’t have time to deal with a broken-down water heater. Our Morgan Hill water heater specialists are here so you can get back to what matters. Reach out to us at (408) 752-5195 or contact us online today!


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